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Ruf Records Celebrates 25 Years

Ruf Records Celebrates 25 Years

Pop the champagne: Ruf Records is 25. A lot has changed in rock ‘n’ roll since 1994. They’ve seen a thousand bands rise and fall. They’ve watched a hundred rock scenes blow up and burn out. All the while, Ruf has steadily evolved, from its roots as one man’s vision, to the most respected blues/rock label around, with a rollcall of talent to top any independent on the planet. And if that sounds like a bold statement, the proof is the artists that are on their roster.  

Ruf Records Story

Ruf’s charismatic founder and leader, Thomas Ruf, created the label simply to give the legendary Chicago bandleader Luther Allison a platform to release some of the best albums of his career. Tragically, Luther himself lost his battle with cancer in 1997, but Ruf Records never missed a beat, continuing to develop some of the brightest talent in America, Britain, Europe and beyond, while always retaining its fearsomely independent spirit.  

Ruf Roster

To anyone with even a passing interest in quality blues. The Ruf roster since 1994 reads like a hall of fame, taking in legends, supergroups and bright young talents. When it came to compiling this special 25th anniversary release, the songs selected by Thomas are all killer, no filler.  Artists include, “Walter Trout”, “Royal Southern Brotherhood”, “Joanne Shaw Taylor”, “Mike Zito”, “Jeff Healey”, “Savoy Brown”, “Dana Fuchs”, “Bernard Allison”, “Samantha Fish” and many more. 

Available Now!

Twenty-six classic tracks by Ruf artists on CD and DVD celebrating the brightest and best records of the label since 1994.  Twenty-five years. It’s been quite a ride, with one hell of a soundtrack. So here’s to the story so far – and the next twenty-five years.  It’s available on Amazon, Apple Music, Itunes as well as your local music stores or the Ruf Records Web-site If you love the blues, then this is a “Must Have” collection. 


1. Texas Honey – Ally Venable

2. Straitjacket – Jeremiah Johnson

3. Backdoor Man – Bernard Allison

4. Chills & Fever – Samantha Fish

5. Low Down – BB King Blues Band

6. Deep In My Soul – Big Daddy Wilson

7. First Class Life – Mike Zito

8. Hard Working Women – Vanja Sky

9. Why Did You Hoodoo Me – Savoy Brown

10. Weeds – Michael Lee

11. Get Mine – Ina Forsman

12. Boogie Depression – Victor Wainwright

13. She’s Coming After You – Katarina Pejak

14. Faker – The Ragtime Rumours


1. If You Wanna Leave – Thorbjorn Risager

2. Bliss Avenue – Dana Fuchs

3. Moonlight Over Mississippi – Royal Southern Brotherhood

4. Diamonds In The Dirt – Joanne Shaw Taylor

5. Here I Am – Oli Brown

6. The House Is Rocking – Katarina/Forsman/Ally

7. Low Down and Dirty – Zito/Sky/Allison

8. Country Boy Soul Medley – Big Daddy Wilson/Vanessa Collier/Si Cranstoun

9. Honky Tonk Women – Forsman/Zoe/Taylor

10. Join Me On The Blues Caravan – Jones/Skjolberg/Castiglia

11. So Sad (The World Is Tangle) – Canned Heat

12. Living In The House Of Blues – Luther Allison

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