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Roy Buchanan – Master of The Telecaster

Roy Buchanan – Master of The Telecaster

Roy Buchanan is an American guitarist and blues musician.  His guitar playing style along with Danny Gatton inspires the likes of Jeff Beck, Gary Moore and others.  As a pioneer of the Telecaster sound, Buchanan took an everyday electric guitar and took it over the top. Meanwhile, this picture is around 1975 when he’s in his prime. Still to this day, his tone and guitar technique are studied by many.

Rebel With a Guitar

A lover of all styles and genres of music, Buchanan refused to be pigeonholed into any particular musical genre.  In fact, he considers himself just an ordinary working guitarist with the guitar skills to play any style of music. 

An everyday musician hitting the pavement, playing music to survive and pay the bills. While he stays away from the spotlight, he still gains the respect of anyone who came to see him play. Ultimately, Roy Buchanan remains a cult figure, as the guitarist’s guitarist.  His unique sound, style and tone can’t be claimed by anybody else of his era.

Sadly, the world lost an amazing guitarist on August 14, 1988.

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