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Ray Charles – “The Genius”

Ray Charles – The Pioneer of Soul

Ray Charles is the pioneer of soul music during the 1950s. By saying pioneer, It’ because he helped to define the genre known as soul. By combining blues, gospel, jazz, and country to his repertoire, he leaves quite a legacy for future generations. As a masterful pianist, singer, and lyricist, he captivates the world for decades and no matter what genre he ventures into, he makes it his own.

With dozens of hits under his belt, some of his most cherished numbers includes the feisty “What’d I Say”. Along with the boogie-woogie rock and roller “Mess Around,” the spirited “I Got a Woman” and of course, his iconic recording of “Georgia On My Mind.” Another thing about Ray Charles was his constant touring schedule. With his band in tow, he played shows all over the world and then some. Leaving the fans wanting more!

Photo of the Week – Waldbuehne (Forest Theatre)

Captured by Jose Giribas, this photo is taken October 7, 1993, at the Walduehne amphitheater in Berlin, Germany. Also known as the Forest Theatre due to the natural setting and amazing acoustics.  Along the lines of Red Rocks in America.

Although, there is no footage of this particular show, Ray also performs at the Leverkusener Jazztage in 1993. Below is his performance at the Leverkusener in 1993. Highlighting what a great performer Ray Charles really was. 

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