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October 5 – 11th Birthdays

October 5 – 11th Birthdays

October 5 – 11th Birthdays. This week’s birthdays include Kelly Joe Phelps, David Hidalgo, John Lennon, John Entwistle, and Ivory Joe Hunter!

Kelly Joe Phelps – 10/5/1959

Hailing from Washington state, Kelly Joe Phelps is an accomplished guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Some describe his music as a pleasant mixture of delta blues with hints of jazz sprinkled in. Unlike a lot of other musicians, Phelps actually starts his music career in the jazz realm.

Intrigued by free jazz and inspired by musicians like Ornette Coleman, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. He was primarily a jazz bass player for ten years before switching gears to blues. He says his “blues conversion” occurred when listening to acoustic blues music.

Once he made the switch, he became recognized for his lap style of slide playing. Since 1994, he has released 12 studio albums as well as appearing as a guest on many other albums.

David Hidalgo – 10/6/1954

David Hidalgo is the singer, guitarist, and founding member of the long-standing Latin rock band, Los Lobos. Hidalgo was born in Los Angeles where he met classmate and future bandmate Louie Perez. The two friends began playing music together and eventually, Los Lobos came together in 1973.

Their combination of everything from rock, blues, and R&B to country, Latin, and zydeco music has translated into their unique sound that has dazzled audiences for years and inspired many other musicians. In fact, many artists did covers of Hidalgo’s songs. Musicians like Bonnie Raitt and Jerry Garcia.

Los Lobos has been a staple in the Latin-rock world for years and in 2015, they are inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

John Lennon – 10/09/1940

Iconic singer, songwriter, and musician who’s a founding member of one of the most successful bands of all time, The Beatles. Born in Liverpool, England where his mother introduces him to music at a young age. At age 15, he’s fully into music and forms a skiffle band called The Quarrymen.

After meeting fellow musician Paul McCartney, the pair was on a fast track to starting a rock band. The Beatles officially formed in 1960 and took the world by storm. The Beatles stopped playing together in 1970 but Lennon embarked on a solo career as well as other collaboration. Lennon also involves himself in rallies and protests for peace and other social issues. Sadly, John Lennon passes in December 1980. 

John Entwistle – 10/9/1944

When it comes to John Entwistle, no one can deny how amazing he is. Entwistle known as the longtime bassist of the British classic rock group “The Who”. Even though they have a lot of impressive and attention warranting things happening, like Pete Townshend’s windmill-style guitar playing, Keith Moon’s animalistic drumming, or Roger Daltry’s onstage antics.

Entwistle’s complicated basslines that keep up with the chaotic drumming that is always an amazing phenomenon. You can always find Entwistle’s name on “Best Bassists of All Time” lists because he’s considered by many to be one of the best rock bass players of all time. Unfortunately, he passes away in 2002 at the age of 57. 

Ivory Joe Hunter – 10/10/1914

A highly talented and well-known piano player, songwriter, and singer. His talents spread over a wide array of genres including Boogie-woogie, R&B, blues and even country music. Because he’s musically diverse, he receives honors at both the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Grand Ole Opry.

Furthermore, Ivory Joe isn’t a catchy nickname but his actual given name. He learns to love and play music from his family who are all involved in music in some way. Also known as, “The Happiest Man Alive” and “The Baron of The Boogie.”

That’s it for this week’s October 5 – 11th Birthdays! Be Sure to check back next week!

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