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Muddy Waters – Long Distance Phone Call

Muddy Waters – Long Distance Phone Call

While we’re stuck inside our house with a cold beverage in our hand, listening to “Long Distance Phone Call.” You realize that Muddy Waters is dealing with things that are far worse than what we’re currently dealing with. Like trying to get his woman to talk to him! Only to find out that she’s off with someone else.

But then again, that’s what makes Muddy Waters music so special, because he’s a great storyteller. Along with his strong emotive vocals and band following his command. You would definitely pay attention to this musician.

This track is said to have origins from a track by Blind Lemon Jefferson. According to his biography page, “Long Distance Call” is recorded on January 23, 1951, in a session that also produces “Too Young To Know”, “Honey Bee”, and “Howlin’ Wolf”.  

Muddy Waters  – Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Performing this song at the 1968 Copenhagen Jazz Festival, he’s at the helm on vocals and slide. While Otis Spann is pounding the piano keys, Luther “Snake Boy” Johnson & Pee Wee Madison on guitars and Paul Oscher on the harp,  Sonny Wimberley on bass and S.P. Leary on drums. Below is the set list from this incredible performance:


01. “Back At The Chicken Shack”
02. “Train Fare Home Blues”
03. “(I’m Your) Hoochie Coochie Man”
04. “Long Distance Call”
05. “Nobody Knows My Trouble”
06. “Cold Cold Feeling”
07. “Got My Mojo Working”
08. “Tiger In Your Tank” See Less

With everything, he’s accomplished as a musician, it’s no surprise that he’s cited as “Father of Modern Chicago Blues”.

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