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Mr. Buddy Guy New Orleans Jazz fest

Mr. Buddy Guy @ The New Orleans Jazz festival

Mr. Buddy Guy! If you ever have the chance to check out the New Orleans Jazz Festival, I highly recommend it! This is a picture of Buddy Guy that I took during the 2005 Jazz fest. Despite the fact that it’s time for him to go up on stage and perform, he actually walks around the front of the stage and shakes people’s hands, thanking them for attending his performance.  Not only is he a rebel blues guitarist, but he’s also a very genuine soul and he deserves all the respect he gets! It was an incredible show! Check out this great video from 2019!

Some Suggestions For Those Attending

Get there early, stay hydrated and don’t be frustrated if you didn’t get to see an artist!  Because even at this festival, you’re not going to see every major performance. Instead, see who you can and take in some of the local acts. Because you never know who might join in and jam out. One year that I went, Dave Matthews is there performing, and he actually stops his show so that everyone could also hear Celia Cruz performing because it’s important for him to celebrate her as well.

Once she finished the song she’s doing he continues playing. You just never know!  Now that Uber and Lyft is around along with the local city transportation – this is the best way to go so you can save on parking and another suggestion is to consider taking in the local cuisine and local artists inside the festival and outside along the way. It’s about celebrating cultures and life itself.  It’s one of the best places to visit at least once in your travels. 

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