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Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Performance at Knebworth in 1976

This Week’s Photo Of The Week is Mick Jagger and Keith Richards performing at Knebworth, August 21st 1976. 

This photo was taken by Steve Wood who was one of the official photographers covering this iconic Knebworth show.  No one knows for sure how many people attended the Hertfordshire’s Knebworth Park, but it was estimated to be about 300,000.  Not only were the Rolling Stones the band to see at the time, but to some, they were the definition of rock n’ roll.  Before this festival, rumors were flying around that the band was breaking up.  Which made the fans more determined to see them live.  There were a lot of delays surrounding this festival, so it became a long day for fans to see this exciting show but, they prevailed and saw something epic.  Not just the Rolling Stones, but all the other bands that performed at this festival which made rock history. Check Out this video from Knebworth…

Below is another Steve Wood Photo of the Rolling Stones & the backup band:

The Rolling Stones at Knebworth festival, August 1976 (l-r): Billy Preston, Ron Wood, Ollie Brown, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  Photograph: Steve Wood/Getty Images

These kind of music events make sense to a certain degree if you can catch several bands that you like in one place.  This could be why we have so many music festivals to this day! Enjoy!

Research Credits: Steve Wood | Ian Fortman (Classic Rock| Loudersound)

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