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Sugar Blue – Video of The Week

Sugar Blue – Video of The Week

Have you ever experienced face-melting harmonica before? If not then look no further than this performance of Sugar Blue. As he highlights  his skills during this jaw-dropping rendition of the Junior Wells classic “Messin’ with the Kid”.  Performing at the 2010 Blues ‘n Brews Festival and give it up for Sugar Blue’s outstanding band. Featuring Rico Mcfarland on guitar, Ilaria Lantieri on bass, George Papageorge on the keys, and Pooky Styx on drums.

Hailing from Harlem, most known for playing with the Rolling Stones as well as Louisiana Red. Far more lyrical than other harp players he’s all-over the board with musical influences such as Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Dexter Gordon and Lester Young. While tipping his hat to all the Blues greats that inspire him along the way.  Jamming with the likes of Johnny Shines, Rossevelt Sykes, Louisiana Red and Willie Dixon’s Chicago Blues All Stars.

In 1984, he wins a Grammy for “Best Traditional Blues Album”.  Growing up with the background of being around various artisitic personalities, he’s used these influences to create a sound that is all his own. While receiving offers of playing with well-known artists, he prefers doing things his way while honing his craft.  All we can say is kudos to him! Check out his 1995 performance from yjr Jazz Fest in Bern Switzerland.  

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