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McKinley Morganfield – Video of The Week!

McKinley Morganfield 

McKinley Morganfield, otherwise known as Muddy Waters, is this week’s video of the week. The title is “She’s Nineteen Years Old”. Furthermore, it’s from a compilation with the title Gunsmoke Blues. So, the story goes that One weekend in November 1971, blues freak, Link Wyler, and his buddies from the Gunsmoke TV crew, gave in to temptation. On production hiatus, they bolted Hollywood to go and film Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, Big Joe Turner and George “Harmonica” Smith, who were then barnstorming the U.S. Pacific Northwest with their bands.

Lucky for us, they capture some of the most over the top footage of the performance! While Muddy is at the helm of this particular song doing vocals, the rest of the band includes:

George ‘Harmonica’ Smith: mouth harp, Peewee Madison: guitar (1st solo), Sammy Lawhorn: guitar (2nd solo), William ‘Pinetop’ Perkins: Piano, Calvin ‘Fuzz’ Jones: Bass and Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith on drums. They’re all top notch musicians and with Muddy doing what he does best using his powerful voice tell great stories. This particular video captures everything perfectly!

Furthermore, if you’re lucky to find it, there is a complete full-length concert version of this performance along with other great blues artists that also performed floating around YouTube.

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Video Credits: slowbluesmaster / YouTube / Image: Video Screenshot 

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