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Lurrie Bell – Big Chico Video of The Week

Lurrie Bell – Big Chico Video of The Week

Lurrie Bell. Born in 1958, the son of famed blues harmonica player Carey Bell. Picking up his father’s guitar at age of five, shortly after he teaches himself how to play. At the time, it was obvious that he was clearly gifted when it came to music.

In addition to the fact that he grew up with many of the Chicago blues legends around him. Whether it’s Eddie Taylor, Big Walter Horton, Eddie C. Campbell, Eddie Clearwater, Lovie Lee, Sunnyland Slim Jimmy Dawkins. And many more frequent visitors to his house.

In their own way, they all helped to shape and school him in the blues, but none as much. As his father’s long-time employer Muddy Waters. Check out Bell performing with Big Chico.

At seven years old, Bell left Chicago to live in Mississippi and Alabama with his grandparents. During this time he played mostly in the church, immersing himself in the passionate expressiveness of the gospel tradition.

At fourteen he moved back to Chicago and continued to play in church as well as forming his first blues band while attending high school. He’s well on his way in following in his father’s footsteps. Furthermore, he’s taking what he learns from his father and friends and moving forward to keeping the Blues alive. 

Big Chico

Chico realizes his dream and travels to LA from Brazil to record with some of the best players around town. Big Chico Blues Band – Blues (Brazil) Big Chico has performed in the most renowned blues clubs in the United States, including B.B. King’s Blues Club in Hollywood, as well as in Argentina, Europe and at major clubs and events from north to south in Brazil. He’s recorded five albums and released two DVDs. As you can see, both artists are doing what they do best – playing great music and keeping us all impressed!

Keeping the Blues Alive

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