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Lucille and B.B. King – Photo of The Week!

Lucille and B.B. King – Photo of The Week!

Lucille and B.B. King – Photo of The Week! While this is just a stock photo taken by Pictorial Press, you can see that the person is able to capture B.B. King in the moment! Furthermore, it’s from his performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, April 1980. Why this photo? Because it reflects the joy on his face that he also has in his heart doing what he loves the most. And that’s playing the Blues with Lucille!

Although, there’s not a lot of information from the performance. I’m sure we can all agree that this show is an outstanding performance. Furthermore, with B.B. being the king of the blues, one could say that Lucille is his prime minister. Because everywhere he went so did Lucille. King was a trailblazing giant from humble and poor beginnings.

As well as someone that we all can take cues from. Despite what he dealt with growing up, he brushed himself off and made a name for himself. His story is truly inspiring! Joining him during most of it was his sidekick, Lucille. 

Lucille – ES-355-355

This classic guitar is the name American blues musician B.B. King gave to his guitars. They were usually black Gibson guitars similar to the ES-335-355, and Gibson introduces a B.B. King custom model in 1980. Since he’s touring incessantly some 15,000 concerts in 90 countries over nearly 60 years. Just an estimate but possible.

You know some version of Lucille was in for the long haul no matter what tour, city, or country.

Inspired by a minister’s guitar at an early age as well as the records of Blind Lemon Jefferson and T-Bone Walker. B.B. taught his guitar to sing and play in a unique solo style that, along with his relentless work ethic and humanity, became his trademark. The more you know…

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