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Little Feat – Photo of The Week

Little Feat – Photo of The Week

While most of the time we do photo’s of bands, today I’m doing an album cover. Not only just any random album cover! But instead an album by the band Little Feat! Their fourth studio album “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.” releasing in 1974 via Warner Bros. For me, it’s one of their best studio albums! 

Meanwhile, Little Feat at the time is one of the most influential bands of the 70s. With their musical blend of rock, country, soul and even some jazz to add some flavor to the melting pot. Below is a great example of what an incredible group of musicians that comprises this band at the time.

Performing at the Dutch Festival Pinkpop on June 7th, 1976. Featuring the classic line-up at their peak. Also, “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now” is a whole new turning point for this band. Furthermore, with this album, the band finds more inspiration in Jazz and Funk than with their previous albums. There’s really no bad tracks on this amazing album!

As you listen to the album, you can see how the band kept the key factors of their beginnings while adding other styles of music that inspires them going forward. You have funk infused with some Roadhouse Boogie you have more slide guitar which is brilliant and a lot of infused musical gravy and nuances that you may not catch at first!

But when you do, you realize how special this album is because it connects the pieces with the past and where they’re taking you with their later releases. 

Neon Park – Cover Art

Also, the cool cover art is designed by Neon Park. Who is a comic book artist and illustrator, widely known for most of the Little Feat album covers. Also, for creating “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” album for Frank Zappa as well as Bowie, Dr. John and the Beach Boys to name a few. While it’s great to write about the music, sometimes the art deserves some love as well! 

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Credits: Alamy EJRNHX / Video 1: Mercury Studios Video 2: Andy Wright

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