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Larkin Poe – Self Made Man

Larkin Poe – Keep Diggin’

Larkin Poe, these two women have been busy! “Keep Diggin’ comes from their latest album “Self Made Man” is this week’s video! Trust us, this is a great song that doesn’t disappoint. In fact, this track will put a little pep in your step. These two rockin’ ladies have been pounding the pavement for a while honing their craft. Releasing June 12, it’s still creating a buzz in the modern Blues world. 

While every one of their releases have been fantastic, this one seems very different than before. But it’s ok because we like this bolder version of “in your face blues” (We also love the covers and other stuff as well). Blending rock, blues, and a punch of pop in your face just to see if you’re paying attention. They’re getting their point across while letting the music do the talking. 

The theme with Keep Diggin’ is a playful warning to those with loose lips: don’t always believe everything you hear.” And there’s a great acoustic cover of Skynyrd’s “Ballad Of Curtis Loew” filmed for the band’s Tip O’ The Hat YouTube series. If you want to hear some really cool re-worked versions of classic rock, country, folk, etc.  Be sure to check out their YouTube Channel. 

Larkin Poe – Holy Ghost

Another great track is “Holy Ghost Fire” which kind of has some “Blue Oyster Cult” elements to it. Specifically, the song Godzilla.Which only means that they were weaned on Classic Rock! 

Like most of the artists and musicians dealing with the lockdown from the pandemic, they’ve been doing their own live stream series with a portion of the proceeds of the ticket sales going to United Way in Nashville. So, be sure to check out their website and see what’s going in the world of Larkin Poe!

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