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KTBA Repairing More Instruments

As the school year quickly approaches, we learned of a school who’s instruments are in dire need of repair. Ms. Watt’s, of Oberon Junior High in Arvada, CO, reached out with the following:

“Our instruments are in need of some TLC, but most repairs could be done by me. This keeps down    cost to the students of repairs and keeps our school instruments playing longer.

 At our middle school, we have very talented students. In 2012 we had, 22 students try out for our  all county Jazz Band, Orchestra, and Band, and had 12 who made the groups. Two of our students  went to a Solo and Ensemble competition and received 1’s, the highest rating. At a recent  competition, all the music groups from Oberon, instrumental and choir,received excellent or  superior ratings (two highest ranks) and took first place in their category.

 While our school has very talented and driven students, our instruments tell a different story. The  cellos have cracks running all over the body of the instrument. Violins have the fingerboard super  glued back together. Our French Horns, are almost completely non-playable. This comes from, years of not being properly cared for. At this point, we need completely new instruments. Until that time can come though, a lot of the minor repairs can be done by myself, however I need the materials to do so. This way the students can get the instrument repaired in class, and not have to spend more money then they should at a repair shop. If our students at Oberon, are receiving top ratings on their performances, with instruments that are falling apart, imagine what they could do with instruments that are not.”

Music is something that unites us all together and students have to work together in order to create a product that they can be proud of. It is the students who put in the hard work and create something beautiful and amazing. Being able to save money on repairs, and put that money towards other things, will change the broad spectrum of what these kids can do, so giving Ms. Watt’s the resources to make these repairs and keep her students playing is something we were happy to do!

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