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Cleveland School of the Arts Receives KTBA Donation

cleveland, oh – This week we celebrate another donation that will support 30 bright young students’ efforts in pursuing music.  Thanks to a half-off agreement by an anonymous donor, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation was able to utilize the donations from last week, to supply Cleveland School of the Arts a brand new wireless microphone system.

Cleveland School of the Arts is located in the metro district of Cleveland, and requires an audition to be accepted to their specialty arts academy.  Founded in 1981, the school enrolls 700 students between grades six through twelve and submerse them in various forms of art, writing, music and dance – while instilling the core subjects as a standard for all students.

In order to build community awareness, schools often try to find ways to incorporate various subject areas when needed for large assemblies and programs held after school or throughout the community.  Most of us can remember our high school band playing at graduation, basketball games, football games, local inauguration ceremonies etc.  The problem with this school in Cleveland, is that they didn’t have any microphones to amplify their sound against the ambience of the rooms they performed in.  When young vocal students feel timid, and are still learning how to counteract stage fright, the choir must all commit to singing certain parts together and amplification helps them build confidence to do so.

Mrs. White-Gould, the school’s music teacher explains, “At our school, we have many all-school arts productions including dance, choir, band, drama etc. during the school year.  Many times my students will have solos and in the past, we haven’t had adequate sound amplification for these productions or we’ve had to rent the equipment! The students need to have the equipment and practice with it leading up to performances. It will improve their self-confidence, make sure the audience can hear them and make the performance much more professional in quality.”

Mrs. Gould can also attest for the choir’s outstanding achievements and work ethic, despite some of their hardships living in the high poverty areas of Cleveland.  Apparently just two years ago, the choir was accepted to a National Choir Festival at Carnegie Hall in New York City!  They have hosted bake sales, benefit concerts and fundraisers to support their goals and currently are on track for another successful year.

We appreciate the many donors and supporters who give their time, money, and the effort to spread the word about our organization and the positive things we are doing in communities all across the U.S.

This school, being so close to many of the city’s cultural and historical institutions, provides ample opportunities for the students to grow beyond their curriculum.  We knew this would be a great fit for the mission of KTBA and our followers.

If you would like to make a donation and fund a music project, please click here to make a donation.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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