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Koko Taylor – Queen of The Blues

Koko Taylor – Queen of the Blues

Koko Taylor, Willie Dixon, and Buddy Guy.  These three legends are one hell of a supergroup! Furthermore, it’s raw talent that goes above and beyond! Although, all three are amazing performers, we are going to focus on the “Queen of the Blues” herself, Koko Taylor.  The video below is live from Buddy Guy’s Legends Club in Chicago on August 28, 1990.

Koko and her Fiery Personality

While her career spanned more than five decades, she wasn’t as mainstream as other female blues singers.  Crazy enough, this didn’t matter because she had a fiery passionate blues persona that attracted fans to her. When she performed the blues, she tore up the stage with her loud growling voice and commanding attitude. 

Even in her 80’s, she still was the queen. She knew where she came from and where she could go and what heights she could achieve and lastly, she had the fortitude to make it happen.

She paid her dues in Chicago’s club scene in the early 1950s which paved the way to her getting signed to Chess Records and later to Alligator Records.

Koko & Chess Records

In the early 1960’s, She signed a recording contract with Chess Records. This is where she records the million selling hit Wang Dang Doodle in 1966. This song showcases her raw blues shouting ability just like Big Mama Thorton and Memphis Minnie, Even if you don’t know her, any blues fan would know this song which was written by the one and only Willie Dixon. Constantly touring like most blues artists at the time, she would do over 200+ gigs a year. 


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CREDITS: Koko Taylor / Alligator promotional photo – By Steve Kagan


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