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Kirsten Thien – Blues Highlights

Kirsten Thien – Two Sides

Kirsten Thien is a force to be reckoned with! Not just because she’s a red head but because she’s burning up the charts with her latest endeavor “Two Sides”.  Furthermore, the album release was on August 28th.  So what do you do as a musician releasing an album during a pandemic? You perform the hell out of the album on-line from New York City! Her hometown.  

The Universe Had Other Plans 

Before the music took over her soul, this Georgetown University Business School graduate had her sights set on Wall Street. Lucky for us, she threw her hands up in the air and went racing down the road of uncertainty and into the musical unknown. But the best part is that this music gig is working out for her. Kudos to her for taking the lesser path.  Five albums under her belt!  

Kirsten & Hubert Sumlin

Since then, she has released four albums and toured the USA, Canada, and Europe extensively which includes festivals in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Norway. Kirsten is the first female artist to record a studio track with blues guitar legend Hubert Sumlin (“Please Drive” on Delicious). The album receives acclaim from Guitar Player Magazine, Downbeat, and Keyboard Magazine. Check out the live track below:

The Making of the Album “Two Sides”

The project begins with a session at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn with Erik Boyd, Arthur Neilson, Steve Holley, Tommy Mandel, and ends up as a journey of exciting musical explorations and collaborations with Tarriona Tank Ball and Jelly Joseph (Tank and the Bangas), Doug MacLeod, and Raul Midón.  Sometimes, you just know that the unknown path you decide to take is going to be alright in the long run and so far for Kirsten, it’s totally working!

The Album – In a Nutshell!

“As you travel through this album, imagine you have four 45s, with an A-Side and a B-Side queued up on your record player,” Thien wrote.” Like two sides of a coin, each pair of songs are meant to highlight the contrasts in a given experience, even while they are inextricably connected at the core.” –  Thien

Lastly, for me, “Say it Loud” is great because of the melody, “Shoulda Been”, I love the slide solos. As well as the use of electric and Acoustic guitars. Also, you can’t wrong by covering Leon Russell’s “I’d Rather Be Blind” either! Take my advice, it’s an album worth embracing! 

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