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Junior Wells In Copenhagen

Junior Wells at Denmark

Junior Wells is this week’s photo because he is an awesome harp player and because we love this picture! Furthermore, this great photo shows Wells doing what he does best and that is playing the blues.  In addition to this, photographer Jan Persson was able to capture Wells while he is performing in Denmark in the 70s.  

Junior Wells is a pioneer when it comes to playing blues harmonica and helping to define the Chicago blues sound. In addition to his unique style of harmonica playing, he also influenced generations of blues harmonica players. He moved to Chicago in 1946 and proved that he had the musical chops to play with Muddy Waters. 

In addition to being able to play the harmonica like a beast, blues fans remember him also by his constant touring schedule and work with other artists.  For example, Buddy Guy, the Rolling Stones and the movies Blues Brothers 2000. With Buddy Guy, together they released more than a half dozen albums. 

He got to do what he enjoyed the most and that was playing the blues, dress the way he wanted to and perform stellar sets that will be talked about in future generations and lastly, the great musical legacy he left us.

The Photographer – Jan Persson

Specializing on documenting the jazz scene in Copenhagen, he has been a freelance photographer for Danish newspapers and magazines since 1962.  Later he ventured into rock and blues scene during the sixties and seventies.  It just shows that he too found what he was meant to do and that is taking iconic pictures.

For more info check out his website:

Check out the audio track from Wells playing with the Rolling Stones…

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