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Joseph – 12 Year Old Guitarist – Highlights

Joseph – 12 Year Old Guitarist – Highlights

Joseph – 12-year-old guitarist. While we don’t know his full name, what we do know is that kid is going places. Like most musicians, during the pandemic, Joseph has been keeping himself quite busy as well! Below is the Lockdown Lounge Live Stream from 6/11/2021 when I first saw his videos and ever since, I’ve been checking them out here and there.  

Furthermore, the 12 yr. old guitarist and singer is asked to perform a 15-minute open mic style set for the Lockdown Lounge Facebook group. During this performance he sings “Nothin’ Breaks Like A Heart” by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, “Your Song” by Elton John, “Handbags and Gladrags” by Rod Stewart and Crossroads Blues by Robert Johnson / Cream. He does much better than most adults performing at a karaoke bar. You can also tell that he has a lot of heart and passion when he performs. 

Telecastervision – Joseph

So, here’s the stats – He’s 12 years old and lives in the UK. And that he started this channel to let everybody know about his love for guitars and guitar-based music. And so, he can record his progress as he learns how to play.

Sounds like someone else we know…On his YouTube channel he covers, Peter Green, Clapton, Kossoff, SRV, Allman Brothers and Elton John. I have to say that kid is going to be a beast on the guitar when he gets older. Plus, he’s on the right track music-wise!

So, if you’re checking out videos on YouTube stop by his channel and check out his posts. If you like his performances, you can check out more of his video’s here.

The Gig That Never Was

12 year old Joseph was to perform two short sets supporting the amazing Ruby-Ann Mann. Sadly, circumstances meant he couldn’t be there – so the true pro – he’s recorded the songs he would have been singing did your viewing pleasure.

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