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Johnny Winter – Video of The Week

Johnny Winter – Video of The Week

Johnny Winter. Blues legend Johnny Winter is joined by the equally legendary Dr. John on Swedish TV, recorded in 1987. From the opening notes of “Sound the Bell” to the finale of a positively incendiary Jumpin’ Jack Flash. There’s some intense blues happening! But first, let’s watch Winter get his mojo on in the video below:

The Mojo is Working Overtime In Sweden!

Winter is in great form and shortly after, the blues and rock take a side trip to New Orleans. Where the masterful Dr. John joins the band on piano. Classic Winter with the addition of Dr. John. At this point he could still rip and roar on the guitar and his singing is fantastic in this video. 

Furthermore, he’s up there on the list with some of the best guitar players that ever drew a breath. And he’s not too shabby on the slide guitar either! Below, he’s with Dr. John on keys and vocals, Jon Paris on bass and harmonica, Tom Compton on drums. And of course, Winter is on vocals and guitar which he’s shredding the hell out of! 

With the Funk master on keys and Winter on guitar it’s some whoop ass high-energy blues at its best! Just watching it makes me smile to see these two awesome musicians killin’ it on stage. Along with the fact that there is a possible “duck walk” in the process? Hmmm…

Sadly, both Winter and Dr. John have passed on, but seeing moments like this just makes our day even brighter. While also leaving a musical imprint for future shredders of the world. Yes, the performances are a little grainy and fuzzy, but it also captures musical history. Thanks to Sonet Studios, in Stockholm, Sweden for capturing this amazing performance! -Enjoy!

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Videos: Credits: CoolAmnesia – Johnny Winter – Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1987) Fleximino: Johnny Winter – Mojo Boogie, Sweden, 1987.  xkecoupe – Sound the Bell.

Featured Image: Video Screen Shot

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