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John Hiatt At Button South 1993

John Hiatt – Drives South

John Hiatt at Button South 1993.  Living in south Florida, most musicians, or bands back in the day didn’t like to come to Florida. Being that it is too expensive – travel-wise. So, it was a rare chance to see John Hiatt in a chilled out setting.  Taking place at the Button South, a place where you could see rock and heavy metal bands play all day. Finally, an artist that wasn’t going to make our ears bleed!

I have to say that the crowd is a pretty interesting mix of people so it’s a little strange at first but when Hiatt walks out to play in jeans and a flannel shirt, we all knew that this is going to be a great concert! Furthermore, the night before he had played at the Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach so there were people at this performance seeing him again.

The Setlist:

Drive South (John solo), Cross My Fingers, Loving a Hurricane, When You Hold Me Tight, Child of the Wild Blue Yonder, Straight Outta Time, Your Dad Did, Something Wild, Buffalo River Home (John solo), Angel, Thing Called Love, Perfectly Good Guitar, Thank You Girl, Slow Turning. Along with the encore of Georgia Rae, Tennessee Plates, Lipstick Sunset and Real Fine Love.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Hiatt perform live in concert, put it on your list because he’s worth seeing! With this performance, it took on a more intimate setting mainly because there wasn’t a lot of seating at the tables and the people that attended were true Hiatt fans. 

It wasn’t a big audience and we all had plenty of space to see the show. Most of us were singing right along with him or dancing like fools with our beers in the air. Yes, it was a fun night and Hiatt’s music and storytelling is the reason. Unfortunately, there isn’t any video posted of the show.

Beyond the 90’s…Highlights

In 1994, Hiatt releases Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan? His first official live album and his last album with A&M Records. As well as his performance at Austin City Limits which I highly recommend. More studio albums and Grammy Nominations, Songwriter of The Year, his performance in Levon Helm’s Ramble at The Ryman.

His concert performances with Lyle Lovett, his blue grass project, performing with Ry Cooder, Performing at the Beacon Theatre with Joe Bonamassa and lastly, The Eclipse Sessions which features several fantastic original tracks plus it takes on a country blues tone on some tracks. That night back in 1993, made me a true fan and he rocked that metal club like his life depended on it! 

Nine-time Grammy nominee John Hiatt has released more than 20 studio albums. His songs have been covered by such artists as Bob Dylan, B.B. King, and Bonnie Raitt. 

So, to see everything – John Hiatt – Be sure to check out his web-site: As we leave you with Hiatt and Sonny Landreth performing “Riding with the King.”


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