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John Coltrane – Photo of The Week

John Coltrane – Photo of The Week

His style of jazz is bebop and hard bop early in his career. At the time he’s at the forefront of free jazz and pretty much everything else pertaining to jazz. Although he had a very brief career, what he did with it is truly inspiring!

Depending on who you ask. Some fans and colleagues a like consider him one of the most important musicians of his time. While others felt that he was too controversial and teetering over the lines of what the “true” definition of Jazz was. For me, he’s a mad scientist who became the curator of jazz. As well as all the possibilities of what jazz could be in the very short time he lived.

Sure, his music style and playing is controversial and often known as being experimental! The only thing I can say that still stands true for this musical genius is his “religious” commitment to jazz. And for him being a significant star in the history of jazz music.

Starting out as a sideman at 29 and passing at age forty. We can honestly say, that during his short time on earth, he was able to create a lot of music for the future generations of Jazz fans to explore. And for that, we can’t thank him enough for it! As for this week’s photo of the week? It’s just a stock photo giving us some insight into his psyche. While we try to explore his version or idea of what Jazz really meant to him. 

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Credits: Alamy – John Coltrane – BTK0R0 

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