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John Bonham – Photo of the Week

John Bonham – Photo of the Week

John Bonham is one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock music. As well as being a crucial member of the influential rock group Led Zeppelin. With his awe-inspiring speed, power, and infectious grooves, on the drums. This English musician remains one of the most celebrated drummers and percussionists of his genre. Influencing untold numbers of musicians for decades despite his untimely death at 32 years old on July 7, 1980. Furthermore, he’s a beast when it comes to the drums. 

Besides doing a rally of shows that would seal the deal that would make Led Zeppelin just as powerful in this decade too. Sadly, this last performance in Berlin ends up being the group’s final time that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham would share the stage.

Also, audiences being able to hear John Bonham’s epic drum solo on Moby Dick live. Making this the tour that would be full of new beginnings. Sadly, with Bonham’s passing, Led Zeppelin would never get the chance to record together with the iconic line-up and disbanded in December of 1980.

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Credits: Globe Photos/MediaPunch – Alamy #2A3A47A

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