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Joanne Shaw Taylor – Fiery Guitar Blues!

Joanne Shaw Taylor And Her Fiery Guitar Blues!

We’ve been talking a lot lately about women who are kicking ass and taking names in the music industry and the number keeps growing. Ladies aren’t letting the stigma of “girls can’t do that” stand in their way anymore. This way of thinking has produced some of the greatest and most inspirational musicians in history. The Blues is no exception.

Even in a time when we are seeing rap, pop, and alternative forms of rock music dominating radio and streaming sites, there are still young female musicians who are coming up in the steady moving blues scene. Joanne Shaw Taylor, someone who we have talked about a lot, is a perfect example of a classy, badass blues musician whose gritty rock voice pairs perfectly with her hard-rockin’ blues licks.

“Joanne Shaw Taylor is a prime example of what a strong and confident female blues musician looks like.”

As a native of the Black Country area of England, Taylor met a lot of hardworking musicians. Who allows her to jam with them, something that is crucial in her early years of learning guitar. From a young age, she always gravitated toward the legends of blues like SRV, the three Kings, and Hendrix. Joanne garners an impressive following of fans who recognize her talent and perseverance for becoming a true blues musician. She’s tours all over the world and alongside some notable musicians like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, John Mayall, and Joe Bonamassa. In fact, Shaw was a feature artist on Joe’s 2017 KTBA Cruise.

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