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Joanna Connor • Sellersville Theater

Joanna Connor – Sellersville Theater

Not only is Joanna an amazing guitarist but she wails to the back of house with the slightest of ease. Her music is gutsy and at times over the top, but it all comes from the heart.  She’s a true blues chanteuse and takes her audience on a special journey every time she performs. An encounter with blues giant Lonnie Brooks at a club helped kicked off her amazing career in the blues. It’s obvious that she was weaned on different styles of music in her early years and at the tender age of ten. Her first concert was Buddy Guy.  How sweet is this scenario?  One of the best!

Blues Goes Viral

How many of us can say we became popular by a viral video?  Not too many of us. Although known in Chicago and other popular blues towns, she goes viral. It happens during a performance at the “2014 North Atlantic Blues Festival”.  With a half million views, the video shows off her bad ass guitar playing and gives the world a nice reality slap upside the head. Clearly, This is one way to get yourself noticed. Furthermore, it shows that the guitar playing is strong with this one and women are badass blues players too!

When she started playing in bands at seventeen, most of us still didn’t know what we would be doing jobwise till our mid-twenties.  It takes a lot of courage to take on a mostly predominantly male profession and turn things upside down. Especially in Chicago! You have to have all your ducks in a row, be able to play in such a tough city while being a sassy woman that can play with the best of them.  Needless to say, she has several albums under her belt, she’s raising a family and yet still performing.  For more info check out her website:

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