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JJ Cale – Eric Clapton After Midnight

JJ Cale – Eric Clapton After Midnight

JJ Cale – Eric Clapton. While Eric Clapton made the song “After Midnight” a hit.  J.J. Cale is the guy who wrote the song. As you can see below, we have the best of both worlds on one stage with this video! Furthermore, Clapton’s cover is a very big deal for Cale, who at the time seem to have an aversion to fame. Yet, someone who is going through serious financial difficulties at the time. Cale recalls to Mojo magazine September 2009 that when he heard Clapton’s version playing on his radio. At the time, “I’m dirt poor, not making enough to eat and I wasn’t a young man. I was happy with this cover! Not only was this song a JJ Cale hit but he also wrote the song “Cocaine” which later becomes powerhouse hit for Clapton as well. 

Although Cale isn’t as popular as Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Johnny Cash or many of the other musicians who recorded his songs. His career may have been unsung, but his songs were not. Cale wins a Grammy Award for best contemporary blues album for “The Road to Escondido”, a recording he makes in 2006 with Clapton. After all this, for he’s content to live in obscurity and let his understated songs speak for themselves. Sadly, Cale passes in July of 2013, his music will always live on.

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