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Jeff Healey – B.B. King Video of The Week

Jeff Healey – B.B. King Video of The Week

Two amazing artists performing together live at the Pistoia Blues Festival in Italy on 7/13/1990. Furthermore, other artists performing at this festival includes John Hammond, First Experience, Edoardo Bennato. As well as Otis Clay, B.B. King, Tolo Marton, John Martyn, Robben Ford, Jeff Healey Band. Along with Anna e Le Sorelle, Ladri di Biciclette, Chaka Khan, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Miriam Makeba. While the video is blurry, you can still feel the blues oozing off the stage from these three gentlemen.

Not really sure about Edoardo Bennato’s harp playing but he’s still holding his own considering who he’s up against. There is quite a nice back and forth interplay between B.B. & Healey answering each other with their own style of playing the blues while keeping things going. There’s even a few moments King is watching Healey and nodding his head and letting out a few whoops along the way. There is a second song that is more upbeat that gets the musicians jamming even harder.   

Pistoia Festival 2020

Due to the serious health crisis that we’re all dealing with. The historic Pistoia festival is for the first time is postponing the expected 2020 edition until next year 2021. Although it’s a painful decision for the Municipal Administration of Pistoia, for the Blues In, to realize the 41st edition but the course of the epidemic left no possibility.

But 2021 they will have some pretty amazing performances with the likes of Samantha Fish, Simple Minds that are already on board. Who knows, maybe we will eventually be able to see live concerts again soon! This is definitely one I would consider going to! In the meantime, we can still find a lot of video gems on the internet to watch. 

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