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Janis Joplin Meets Tom Jones

Janis Joplin – “This is Tom Jones’ show

Well folks, it’s Janis Joplin “calm before the storm” and its captured by photographer British photographer “Terry O’neill”.  Furthermore, for someone that’s usually over the top, Janis looks quite serene and laid-back waiting to go onstage. 

And then you have charismatic Tom Jones, who not only is a powerhouse singer with his slick stage moves. In addition to this, he has a weekly variety show that is popular from 1969 to 1971.  In 1969, there weren’t a lot of shows on which we could see ‘our’ style of classic rock and iconic musical moments. 

So, to have the chance to see someone like Janis Joplin, you pretty much knew this was going to be an epic performance and it was!  Further…who outperformed who?  Of course, it was Janice energy-wise and Tom? He kept up with her…Enjoy!

The photographer 

All of this grandeur was captured by British photographer “Terry O’neill”, who is one of the official photographers to cover the performances.  For more information on this iconic photographer, click here: 

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