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Heart – Photo of The Week

Heart – Photo of The Week

Heart, a band comprised of two sisters who became rock superstars in a mostly male dominated world. These rock queens conquered rock and roll and are still kicking ass to this day!  Not only did they help break the mold of male dominated rock bands, but in 1976, they showed everyone that girls could play rock, and roll. Sure, there were other women in rock and roll before Heart. Sadly, most were not in charge of their careers.

The Wilson sisters didn’t follow the normal rock and roll ideology about women in the music industry. They wanted recognition for their talent and not just their looks. Sure, they upset a lot of labels, but they stuck to their guns and have made a pretty amazing career out of it. Can we say four decades and still counting? 

Ann and Nancy Wilson were born into a military family, moving all over the country at a frequent pace. But one thing that remained constant was music. Their parents played everything from classical to experimental electronic music. This love for music resonated with the Wilson sisters and helped cultivate a passion and later career for both of them.

Ann started playing with a band of revolving band members in the early 70’s and were only playing small clubs. Finally, in 1974, when Nancy joined the group as the guitarist, the official lineup of Heart was formed. Interestingly, the band found themselves in Canada where they got huge initial recognition. Their fanbase spread to the US and the rest of the world in the late 70’s.

Captured Live

While this photo is just a stock photo from 1977, it personifies the best of classic rock ‘n’ roll. Also, originally, it’s taken from Burt Sugarman’s “The Midnight Special” show which aired March 4th 1977.  In the past, you needed raw talent and singing to make it in the music business especially for any female wanting to do rock ‘n’ roll. Unlike nowadays where you have Auto-Tune and apps to save the day.

While there are many great female vocalists, Ann Wilson is my top 5 of female vocalists in rock. With her vocal range one minute she’s singing sweetly, then the next minute she shifts into Arena Rock mode! Her vocals are completely insane, and she does it so effortlessly. With Nancy, I’m in awe of how well she can play the guitar it’s truly inspiring! Seeing them live is pure magic.

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