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Hania Rani – KTBA Highlights!

Hania Rani – KTBA Highlights!

Hania Rani premiers this beautiful musical moment on the evening before the annual Piano Day worldwide celebrations. Furthermore, the motivation to make the recording of the live performances becomes the release ‘Live from Studio S2.’ At the invitation of the Berlinale Film Festival. Also, Rani wants a place that creates the mood and setting of a huge venue. Along the likes of the “Funkhaus” in Berlin.

In the beginning of February 2021, she receives a permission to record a live set as a part of EFM sessions, which is a part of the Festival. By bringing back her piano and equipment to the hall where she initially records her debut album ‘Esja’ the live sessions. Feeling that it’s a great idea as well as and the perfect cinematic choice.

Performing For Film & Theatres

Ironically, she’s very humble when it comes to her music and playing even with three releases under her belt. More importantly, she’s writing and performing pieces for films and theatre on a regular basis. Even though she’s popular in her country and others nearby, there’s still many more places for her music to be heard.

She’s truly one with the external world as a whole.” Also, one that embodies the sound and energy around her. But beware because her music will give you all kinds of feelings when you listen to her music! Yes, you’ve been warned. Also, this is why I enjoy YouTube and other video formats because you stumble across gems like this! Enjoy!

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