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Grateful Dead at Radio City

Grateful Dead at Radio City

Grateful Dead are celebrating their 15th anniversary in 1980, the band is in New York City to perform several shows. What makes these shows so special is that are taking place at Radio City Music Hall. Even better is that its around Halloween so you know that there will be some excitement all around. Check out the Garcia & Weir interview on Good Morning America below.

The shows features both acoustic and electric performances so depending on what night you went, either way you most likely had some over the top experiences. Michael Brito captures this photo on October 29, 1990.

The Fans Invade NYC

Having some of the most loyal fans, a Grateful Dead show was like coming home to a family reunion. The Deadheads were and still today some of the most supportive people you’ve ever met and they have the best stories.

This subculture of fans would hitch hike, take trains, planes and buses to different shows on the various tours.  Hours before the shows would even start, the deadheads would party in the parking lot, hanging out sharing bootleg tapes, food, philosophy and other delights. For some, it was a spiritual journey. One big musical family.

For those of you who have yet to experience a Grateful Dead Show, there’s still time. The remaining members are always touring and are still worth catching alive. Get to know the Dead like some of us that lived it. Their website has some amazing live performances, rare bootlegs, apparel and packages available. Plus its a great place to read about a band that has made so much musical history over the decades.  &

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