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George Thorogood – Beyond The Bus

George Thorogood – Beyond The Bus

George Thorogood. Blues-rock legend George Thorogood is the latest legend to receive the animated video treatment In uDiscover Music’s on-going series. ‘Beyond The Bus’. In this latest ‘Beyond The Bus’, Thorogood takes us back to his earliest days the music industry; a formative time when, as he says, “we had no record deal, no management, no agent …we were pretty much on our own and we needed any gig we could get!”

Thinking outside the box, Thorogood books a show for his band at a Delaware School For The Deaf. Thinking their leader had been watching too many movies, Thorogood’s band mates weren’t entirely convinced that a high roller from the music industry might be in the audience and offer to buy them a new PA system and give them a deal, but they went along with it anyway.

As it turns out, their show at the deaf school did bring them some unlikely rewards which Thorogood’s band remember to this day, but to find out whether it bought them their elusive PA system, you need to watch the above video in full.

Also, in George Thorogood news, his Live in Boston, 1982: The Complete Concert is out now. This 2020 reissue of Live in Boston, 1982 adds 12 new tracks to the previously released tracks, thus completing the entire set from that iconic night.

This live set captures the remarkable high point in the band’s career, having just come off of a tour opening for the Rolling Stones. The power and focus of the band at this point in their career can be heard in every track.

Live In Boston, 1982: The Complete Concert is out now and can be bought here.

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Credits: Tim Peacock  – Animations by Ryan Ortgiesen  – Photo: Video Screenshot / #BeyondTheBus

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