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Gary Moore – Photo of The Week

Peter Green & His Les Paul Greeny

Peter Green is that guy that replaces Eric Clapton in the band John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Later he forms Fleetwood Mac. An outstanding guitarist! In the 70s, Green pays $300 for the Les Paul and to this day, it’s one of the most iconic guitars that Gibson makes. Furthermore, he like the sound he gets from it. Not your normal sounding Les Paul. It’s different from others that he plays. Well, it turns out, that this particular guitar has a defect. Or is it a defect? As the story goes, one of the pick-ups is fitted the wrong way around. So, the short version of the story, is that when both pick-ups are played in the middle position, the instrument sounds like a Fender Strat instead of a Gibson Les Paul. Giving the guitar great tone among other things. 

Peter Green & Gary Moore

So, the story goes that Gary Moore bought the famous “Greeny” Les Paul from Peter Green. At that time was having health issues. Since Peter isn’t playing the guitar, he lets this teenager he’s friends with borrow it from time to time. After a while he sells the guitar to him for $300. Knowing that it’s going to a good home. That teenager is none other than Gary Moore and the guitar becomes his signature instrument. Goodbye SG!

Playing this guitar on his 1973 solo debut, as well as his time with Thin Lizzy, Colosseum II and mostly known from his signature song, 1978’s “Parisienne Walkways.” Furthermore, he later uses this iconic guitar on a tribute to Green “Blues for Greeny” in 1995. Moore kept the guitar for a very long time until 2006 when he money problems and is forced to sell it. Needless to say, he makes a lot of money from the deal. Sadly, Gary Moore passes in 2011 but his legacy is still going strong to this day.  As for Greeny?  This guitar’s legacy is also still going strong as well.

Kirk Hammett & His Greeny Guitar History

Moore sells Greeny to Maverick Music where it exchanges hands with a few private collectors and then eventually in the hands of Kirk Hammett in 2014. 

As for the iconic photo, it’s from “The Black Rose Tour” of Scandinavia in May 1979, Gary Moore playing on the Les Paul guitar “Greeny” with rock band Thin Lizzy.  Looking at this picture, you can tell that Gary Moore is doing what he loved to do – Play guitar!

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