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Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells and More!

Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells

Frank Sinatra – Jingle Bells. This jolly Yuletide classic, written by New England songwriter James Pierpont, was exactly 100 years old when Sinatra records it. Furthermore, it’s the opening track to 1957’s A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra. Adroitly arranged by Gordon Jenkins on what is the first of several Sinatra sessions. 

Next, the tune opens with some jazzy, harmonies by The Ralph Brewster Singers sprinkled over a jaunty, lightly swinging beat. Sinatra indulges in some playful call-and-response with the background singers. Since this video is so much fun to watch, we decided to add a few other animated Christmas videos to make your day!

Eartha Kitt – Santa Baby

Not only is her version of this song so PURR-FECT! That even if she’s on Santa’s Naughty List, he’d still hook her up with something nice! Eartha Kitt was a sultry nightclub performer who earns a record deal with RCA in 1953. Trying to play up her image as a sophisticated vamp, RCA had her record a French song called “C’est Si Bon.”

Which puts her on the radar. At the end of 1953, Joan Javits, writes “Santa Baby” for Kitt with Philip Springer, and it becomes a holiday hit and Kitt’s most famous song. Plus, she was a pretty fierce cat woman! Furthermore, she performs shows on Broadway and making television performances! Sadly, she’s no longer on this earth but she left quite an impression before she left.

Chuck Berry – Run Rudolph Run!

Of course, we had to add some Chuck Berry into the mix! I mean he is the Father of Rock N Roll! The Run Rudolph Run official video is an animated presentation of Santa Claus and Chuck Berry traveling the world delivering toys. Via Chuck’s St. Louis hometown, hitting the best-known spots of the city along the way.  They nailed it with this video. The retro old school comic book animation fits perfect with the song and we’d like to think that Chuck would approve of this video. 

Ella Fitzgerald – Frosty The Snowman

Here you have Ella Fitzgerald singing “Frosty The Snowman” in a way that only she can do it! We love this version of “Frosty The Snowman” because it has nice jazzy kick to it musically and then by adding her vocals, seriously it doesn’t get any better. If this video doesn’t make you smile, then maybe you just need a hug! This is a great song to get you ready for the holidays!

Bing Crosby – White Christmas

It’s not Christmas until you hear Bing Crosby’s iconic version of “White Christmas.” Nothing brings back childhood nostalgia like this song. As well as his duet with David Bowie performing “The Little Drummer Boy (Peace On Earth).” Ok, maybe add the “peanuts” theme by Vince Guaraldi Trio to mix!

Either way, he has that soothing voice that despite all the chaos happening around us, you just feel a nice moment of calm when listening to it.  I think also we have to factor in that this song came out in 1942. During a time when the world was at war. Many service men were away from home. So, I like to think that this song gave them some comfort overseas. 

Final Notes

Lastly, these new videos are a result of a partnership between Universal Music Enterprises and the estates of the late iconic singers who recorded these treasured yuletide songs. Other animated videos that have been unveiled include Crosby’s “White Christmas,” Ella Fitzgerald’s “Frosty the Snowman,” Chuck Berry’s “Run Rudolph Run” and Frank Sinatra’s “Jingle Bells.” Each of these hand-drawn, hand-painted videos, are created by Fantoons Animation Studios, and are clever, uplifting, and nostalgic. Which are available on YouTube. Fantastic work!

Likewise, we all celebrate the holidays in different ways during this time of the year. But it’s also important to take time to decompress from everything. As well as paying it forward. Which includes taking time for yourself!  From our camp to yours, we hope you have a fantastic holiday and a much-needed better new year! Take care and stay safe everyone!

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