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Foreigner – Photo of The Week!

Foreigner – Photo of The Week!

Foreigner starts out in 1976, after the band Spooky Tooth breaks up. Mick Jones, aka The Architect, goes on to form Foreigner with fellow Brits Ian Mc Donald and Dennis Elliott, and Americans Lou Gramm, Alan Greenwood and Ed Gagliardi. Little did they know that at the time, they would be one of the top selling rock bands around.

Their music is anthem rock at its best! Whether it was the 8-track that finally disintegrated in your muscle car from playing it so much or your bedroom getting destroyed from your righteous air guitar playing. Those of us that know the music of Foreigner, have great memories of seeing them live or while jamming out on the radio. They’re a class act!

Photo of The Week – Cologne Germany 

Furthermore, this photo captures the band performing live January 21, 1985, in Cologne Germany. Featuring Mick Jones on Lead Guitar, Lou Gramm on vocals, Rick Wills on Bass and Dennis Elliott on drums. Since its January at the time, I think we can assume that it’s a winter tour that’s taking place. Kind of cheesy setting, but then again, it’s the 80s!

Either way, With the many avenues as well as classic rock radio, this band has managed to keep their momentum going. Sure the names and faces change over time but their musical legacy is still going strong for newer generations to embrace. We’re leaving you with one of their ultimate rock anthems “Juke Box Hero.” 


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Credits: Alamy BPTMH0 & Taken by A.F. ARCHIVE

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