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Eric Tessmer – Photo of the Week

Eric Tessmer – Photo of the Week

Eric Tessmer develops a love affair with music because he grew up around it. His grandmother and father played guitar, and most importantly, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Cream were all staples growing up. When he is twelve, his dad takes him to see Pink Floyd. When he sees David Gilmour play his solo on Comfortably Numb, he finds his calling.

The guitar becomes his weapon of choice and his musical road is going to lead him down some interesting avenues. “Life is never going to go exactly the way you think it will,” says Tessmer, “but I’ve come to appreciate that fact. Good things take time.”

Capturing the Live Performance

So, the photo of him captures him performing live in Austin, Texas on September 14, 2010. The event is a corporate event for OnStar as they relaunch their brand with focus on ”Responsible Connectivity.” Next the event is happening at Stubb’s BBQ which is one of many great venues to check out live shows. Capturing everything is Photographer Jeff Newman.

Recording his EP 

Tessmer relocates to Los Angeles for a month of intensive writing and recording. The sessions mark Tessmer’s first studio work outside of Austin, and the change of scenery proves to be a creative boon, breaking him of old habits and offering fresh perspective. Lastly, his touring band joins him in the process of basic tracking live in the studio before isolating himself to pen lyrics.

“I was at an interesting spot in my life at that time,” says Tessmer. “I was finally starting to get comfortable being sober, and I was also about to get married, so I was coming to terms with a lot all at once. You want to be honest and real with people, but you never want to get preachy or cheesy, so I decided to lighten up and just write the kind of songs I’d want to listen to.”

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Credits: (Credit Image: © Jeff Newman/Globe Photos/ – #K65920JN

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