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Eric Gales, the Blues-Rock Behemoth

He’s been heralded as the second coming of Jimi Hendrix and after countless studio albums and collaborations, Memphis native Eric Gales has demonstrated true power in perseverance and genuine musicality. And there is always a spontaneity in his playing that often dumbfounds his audiences as they try to figure out just how he’s capable of playing so many notes in so little time, and with such finesse.

Gales can be often seen and heard in moments that encompass so much pain, such as the one in this shot. By his own admission, through his song playing he is often battling his inner demons of yesteryear, and those that still haunt him today. Even when the song may not be his own, Eric finds a way to embody every last bit of emotion prescribed by the lyrics and the melody and make it his own…every single time.

Like Hendrix, he also plays left-handed, and favors a Stratocaster above all. At times it is very easy to compare the two for the astounding phrasings they unleash on stage, and the resemblance of their striking and powerful riffs.  But there is only one Jimi Hendrix. 

And even though Gales credits Hendrix for much of his inspiration and influence, there is also only one Eric Gales. His tonal and chord progressions reach almost insurmountable levels of agility and prowess, and it is hard to stand still and not have your entire attention taken hold of when this man delivers his soul on stage. 

A prodigious player in his own right and inventive in his own style, one can’t help but wonder with excitement how many more surprises he has in store for us, and how many future guitarists will be influenced by Eric Gales.


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