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Eric Bibb Heard the Angels Singing

Few are those who can make it sound like there’s a whole band on stage when in fact it is just one impressive musician and their guitar. Eric Bibb is among those, and he never fails to remind us just how truly awe-inspiring he can be. 

This performance at the Happy Days Visitor Center in Cuyahoga Falls, in Ohio on Feb, 16, 2007, and the powerful Piedmont blues rang through Bibb like a bird who’s found his song. The track was originally composed by the iconic Reverend Gary Davis, who was very influential and instrumental in the development of Bibb’s music and career. 

Bibb’s guitar playing is undeniably superb, but his voice must also be noted, as it too sounds like that of an angel. His spirit and passion are felt through every blues note he belts, and one can’t help but be transported to the early days of the blues. Enjoy! 

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