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Elementary School Receives New Guitar


Thanks to your donations, Keeping The Blues Alive purchased a new guitar for Hyde Park Elementary School.

“Music is something that can be found everywhere in our school. As a staff we are always finding ways to integrate music into our classrooms, interventions and celebrations.”

Hyde Park Elementary is located in Northern Vermont.  It’s a very rural area and currently have 270 students PreK-6th grade.

“Although we may be small in numbers our students are extremely dedicated to their work and their community. Our town works closely with our school to deliver the best learning environment possible. Our students have many interests and always give their best,” Mr. Ianaconi adds.

This guitar would get a great deal of use at their school. Right now the do not  own a guitar. Having this instrument would enhance all aspects of student learning.  One area that could use this instrument is the music room (naturally).  They have a large keyboard that cannot be moved from the classroom. It would be nice to be able to have a guitar so classes could go outside, or to a different location. This would also let Mr. Ianaconi come to different classes for integrated music.

“We pride ourselves on integrating arts into every classroom. Music is also used by our behavior specialists. These interventions have been very successful in the past and we would like to further develop this time. We would also use the instrument at our monthly whole school celebrations.”

The guitar is an acoustic-electric that can be used in either capacity. Thanks to the donations raised, these students will have more opportunities to enjoy their educational experience!

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