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Eddie 9V – Video of the Week

Eddie 9V – Video of the Week

Eddie 9V – Not someone to follow the norm, Eddie has always followed his own path in life. Relying mostly on his instincts to guide him. Furthermore, he decides that he wants to be a blues musician. Starting off by playing locally in the Atlanta blues club circuit.

With guns a blazing, he paves the path he was destined to take. Flash forward to 2019 and for his debut album, “Left My Soul In Memphis”, the prodigious multi-instrumentalist simply powers up the amps in his mobile trailer and with his brother/co-writer/producer, Lane Kelly, laid down one of 2019’s breakout releases.

As Eddie puts it, “Memphis was a total side project,” “that ends up taking off.” It also got him attention! 

Ruf Records Release – Little Black Flies

Released in 2021 on Ruf Records, Little Black Flies is the 25-year-old’s most impulsive move to date. Even more, it’s tracking live in Atlanta’s Echo Deco Studios through November 2020. Once again with Lane turning the knobs. Plus, a who’s who of the state’s best musicians, it’s an album that Eddie plans to feel. Almost like it’s unfolding right in front of you right down to the clink of bottles and loose studio banter.

“I’ve seen a trend in modern recording,” he says. “There’s no soul. I take inspiration from Albert Collins, Otis Rush, Mike Bloomfield. All these great records back in the day. Are done live with their buddies and no overdubs. I want the playing to be spot-on. Even if we make a mistake, we kept going.”

And check out “She’s Got Some Money – Which is nod to Elmore James! 

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