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Doyle Bramhall II – Mama Can’t Help You

Doyle Bramhall II – Mama Can’t Help You

Doyle Bramhall’s video “Mama Can’t Help You” is one of the tracks from his 2016 album Rich Man. This track has some delightful soulful grooves with just enough funk to make you want to get up and dance like a fool!  He is a musician, producer, guitarist, and songwriter.  He has worked with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, and many others.  

Bramhall’s Unique Guitar Style

Bramhall is notable as one of the few guitarists who plays with his instrument strung upside-down.  He plays left-handed, but the instrument is strung upside-down with the high E on the top. This unusual arrangement of the strings gives his playing a unique sound, because he bends the strings by pulling them downwards rather than upwards, the customary approach.

Others who have bent strings in this direction include Albert King, Eric Gales, Otis Rush, Barbara Lynn, Coco Montoya, Edgard Scandurra and the late blues guitarist Jeff Healey, who played with his instrument flat on his lap for stability and increased string flexibility.

Likewise, the album Rich Man, reflects both his extensive experience in the interim with such artists as Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow.  Truly this guy likes to keep busy by creating great music.

His Collaboration Credits

His long list of collaboration credits includes Roger Waters, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, B.B. King, T-Bone Burnett, Elton John, Gregg Allman, Dr. John and others. “All those experiences helped me develop new skills and learn how to facilitate my own sound” Says Bramhill. “I feel like the stars finally aligned to allow me to be completely myself as an artist.” 

Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI

He will be joining us on Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea VI music festival in 2020. As well a contributor to the new Reese Wynans and Friends “Sweet Release” Album.

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