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KTBA Donates Instruments to High School Orchestra Program

LOS ANGELES, CA – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donated brand new instruments to John Marshall High School in sunny Los Angeles, CA.

“The student population at my school is a cooperative melting pot of our urban city with many ethnicities, socio-economic levels, family cultures and different experiences in the arts.

Many of my students are high achievers in music and academics, sports or other arts.
Others are simply thrown into a music class through pure luck of the draw. Once in my music classes, all students perform to the best of their abilities.”

The goal  of this project is to allow students the opportunity to play music that opens the heart of the listener, the mind of the performer and the souls of everyone!

“Some orchestra-loving students favor a woodwind or brass instrument but are playing a secondary instrument in the orchestra because the wind instruments at our school are designated for the band/jazz program,” Ms. Paakkari explains.

“Clarinet, trumpet and trombone players should get to play the instrument that they truly love in our orchestra! This project would assign these instruments to students that could then enjoy playing symphonic music on their favorite instrument. It is proven that people that love the sound of the instrument they play will continue playing throughout their lives. Their instrument is the voice that they hear inside themself. Help them hear the voice they love!”

As a result of Joe Bonamassa fan donations and contributions from music lovers like you, John Marshall received 3 new instruments for their orchestra.

Ms. Paakkari expresses her gratitude:

Dear Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation,

Thank you so much for your generosity! This is such a welcome surprise. My students will really enjoy their new instruments. They have been waiting to play the instruments that they truly love and [this] is really special! Thank you so much! I am so happy for my students who have been without their favorite instrument. Now they can join in the harmonies of their friends in orchestra with the sound they love! This is an amazing surprise and thank you for helping us become a full symphony!

With gratitude,
Ms. Paakkari

Every week, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation makes a donation to a school in need of music instruments, supplies, sheet music and more. To help us make a donation to next week’s school, please click here to get started!

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