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Music Program Gets a Head Start!

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KTBA Donates Xylophone Mallets to Elementary Program

LOUISVILLE, KY – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donated brand new percussion mallets to the elementary students at Wilt Elementary School! KTBA caught up with Mrs. Hein to tell donors why funding this music project meant so much to her and her young students!

“I teach elementary music!” Mrs. Hein proclaims. “This is only my student’s second year of music, and they LOVE it! Since music is a newer program to the school, we do not have a lot of instruments or materials in the classroom that will allow us to learn to our fullest extent.”

These young students are immensely intelligent, talented and hardworking.

“They challenge each other to be better people and musicians,” she explains. “They come from blue collar families and have never seen instruments before they walk into my classroom. My goal is to give them every experience possible so they can have a fulfilling time in music class.”

In order to reach their potential, Mrs. Hein’s class needed percussion mallets to learn proper technique and basic music theory. Knowing how to play pitched percussion instruments greatly widens the instrumentation of a drummer and grants more flexibility when being chosen for ensemble parts.  That is why many percussionists with backgrounds in piano tend to excel in their percussion studies.

“My students work incredibly hard in the classroom, but it can be challenging to learn new concepts on the instruments when only a third of the class is able to play,” she adds. “My students would love some new instruments in the classroom so that they can all play at the same time. This also takes up valuable class time when we have to re-teach the song multiple times. It would be great if all of my students could play at the same time, and we could continue learning and having fun while we learn!”

Thanks to the donations of Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like YOU, these students will receive a classroom set of Orff mallets and xylophone mallets to use in music class!

Mrs. Hein expresses her gratitude:

Dear Keeping the Blues Alive,

Thank you so much for funding our project!! My students will be thrilled when they find out that they have brand new mallets to play on our xylophones. They can’t wait to start playing and growing their musical minds. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate this kindness!

With gratitude,
Mrs. Hein

Every week, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation makes a donation to a school in need. To help us fund next week’s project, please consider making a small donation here: MAKE A DONATION

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