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Budge Cuts Threaten Band; KTBA Saves the Day

HOUSTON, TX – Thanks to the donations of Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like YOU, students at Stephen F. Austin High School will receive a brand new trombone and additional reeds for their woodwind instruments!

“Students in my music programs face incredible odds on a daily basis. Our school is in an inner city neighborhood plagued with gangs, family issues, and a high teen pregnancy rate,” Mr. Runnels explains. “Through performing with our band program, many students find an escape.”

This past month, SFA’s music program received an Award of Congressional Recognition for their continuous positive reputation in the community!

However, due to budget cuts, a number of students do not have access to working instruments.

“Help us do great things for them through performing music,” Mr. Runnel pleads. “The instrument selected will be used for a very talented young lady who aspires to attend college and play trombone. Although her family tells her she is wasting her time, she attends rehearsal daily. A new instrument would definitely help her get to the next level.”

“Our students will be able to perform on working instruments resulting in an increase in self confidence. We have many students who deal with a challenging home life and band is their only escape. Many of our students receive band scholarships and continue on to different education tracks. We are in need of new instruments for the children to keep the positive momentum going. Our program is a Nationally recognized band program that serves the community. We have traveled as far as Los Angeles to compete and win major competitions including the VH1 Battle of the Bands in 2010. At our school, band is a way of life.”

Many times, Mr. Runnel goes out of pocket to pay for supplies for this band program. “Why would someone come out of pocket to pay for work supplies? That can’t be true!” one might ask themselves.

Music is too often one of the first programs to be cut because of mis-management within the administration and the oversight of simple ways to keep the program running without causing much overhead.

Thanks to your donations, the school will be able to continue providing this music education to its students, and woodwind students will be able to use new reeds for their instruments.

If you would like to help us fund next week’s project, click here!

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