Keeping The Blues Alive

Keeping the Blues Alive in the City of Dreams

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KTBA Purchases Pianos for Modern Rock Band Class!

Music Charity founded by Joe Bonamassa donates pianos to support modern rock band program at the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School.

New York City, NY – Thanks to your donations, students attending The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School will experience increased productivity as a part of Ms. Allocco’s contemporary music program!

“Studio 320” as it is called by students at NY Harbor School has become a sort of second home for many ┬ástudents – providing a safe, fun, and welcoming space where students can express themselves in the arts.

“Over 200 students come through my room each year, and for some, this will be the only opportunity they ever have to play an instrument other than their voice,” Ms. Kristina Allocco explains.

“The ownership and pride students take in creating their own music is a feeling that many talk about for their remaining years here. I teach a Modern Rock Band class where students get to learn guitar, bass, piano, and drums early in the year, and then create their own ‘Garage Bands’ that perform both original works and covers. Students have opportunities to perform for their classmates, at open houses, and are able to submit songs and videos to music competitions.”

However, with an increase in attendance for Ms. Allocco’s class, new pianos are in hot demand as they are “the most coveted of the instruments” in the Modern Rock Band class.

Studies show that any aspiring musician should have a basic grasp of piano techniques for many reasons: it lays a foundation of chord structure, melody and harmony, increased coordination, higher rate of instant gratification and the skills translate to other instruments must quicker.

Currently, only 4 students from a class of 36 can play piano at one time. “There are many groups each year that only get one practice session a week on the piano for their performances,” Allocco adds. “Because pianos require less coordination then guitars, they are a popular choice for IEP and struggling kids.”

Thanks to Joe Bonamassa fans and music lovers like you, NY Harbor School will receive 3 new digital pianos to spread the workload and availability.

Ms. Allocco expresses her gratitude:

Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation, Inc.,

THANK YOU!! And thank you again!! The email popped up on my phone as the class was entering the room and they erupted into applause when I announced it. This donation will double the size of piano lessons, and allow each group to have a working piano next marking period. Thank you for giving and allowing our students this opportunity!

With gratitude,
Ms. Allocco

Every week, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation makes a donation to a school in need of music supplies, instruments, sheet music and more!

To help us with next week’s project, click here!

Thank you for helping us keep music alive in schools across the U.S.!


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