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Success Stories -The Calm Cubs Ukulele Band

success-story-week-nl04-instagramThe Calm Cubs Ukulele Band

oroville, ca – Thanks to your donations this week, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation sponsored a ukulele project called “Calm Cubs” – an elementary to middle school music class project designed for students facing strenuous poverty conditions.

Mr. Roebuck, one of the instructors at the school, sees a brighter future for the kids admitted to this alternative school.

Mr. Roebuck explains, “My students come from extreme poverty.  My site is a self-contained community day school which serves grades 3-6. These children are starved for attention and they will try to get it by acting out and displaying negative behaviors.  I have found that music, especially music they create, brings my students joys which they rarely, if ever, experience at home.  They feel proud when they are successful and I want to give them an ideal opportunity to do just that and learn an easy-to-play instrument while having a great time!”

Research shows that students with behavioral problems and weak foundations at home, generally have low self-esteem.  Music being such a universal tool for people of any age-group, becomes the factor that can put all the students on the same playing field, and learn and grow as individuals as well as in small groups.  This goal is the purpose of Mr. Roebuck’s music project – to encourage these students and give them something to look forward to.  By excelling at easy-to-learn instruments such as the ukulele, they will begin to see their self confidence begin to grow, which will reflect on their classroom attendance, mental focus in other subject areas, and improve the learning environment for the other students in the classroom as well!

Thanks to the donations acquired and a little bit of research, Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation participated in a fundraiser to supply Mr. Roebuck and his 10 students with a classroom set of ukuleles, sheet music and music stands!

“I spoke with my students and they are very excited about the prospect of learning to play the ukulele and forming a ukulele band. In fact, they have already chosen a name, “The Calm Cubs.”  Their school mascot is the grizzly bear cub. I will be teaching them to play the ukulele both solo and in a group.”

By including the students in the decision making process, they feel like they’re a part of a team.  Giving students responsibilities in the classroom makes them feel needed, appreciated and even respected – a feeling that many students never experience from home.

As Mr. Roebuck’s’ students brainstorm the idea of a ukulele band, they “envision performing for the other schools in our district and for their classmates. Through this medium, my students will learn not only how to play the ukulele but also important socio-emotional learning such as cooperation, perseverance, self-discipline, courage and responsibility. I have played ukulele since I was a small boy growing up in Hawaii and I know the feeling of being carried away by the love of music. I want to share that love with my students.”

Because of Mr. Roebuck’s passion, tenacity and diligence, we decided this was a GREAT way to sow into a classroom for the week, and the project was funded mostly between donors, KTBA and The Ferry & Donna Golkin Family Foundation.


Dear Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation,

On behalf of my students and I, we would like to thank you all for your generosity and interest in our ukulele band “The Calm Cubs.” You are awesome!  It is donors like you that make dreams, both big and small, come true for schools and students in need. We look forward to beginning band practice as soon as the ukuleles arrive.Thank you!The Calm CubsWith gratitude,
Mr. Roebuck

We look forward to updates from Mr. Roebuck and his classroom and we will certainly pass along the information when we receive it!

Thank you for all of your donations and positive reviews online!

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