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KTBA Donates New Literature to Choral Program!

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC – Thanks to your donations, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation donated new choral method books to students at Waccamaw Intermediate School!

Mrs. Stearns-Miller, Waccamaw Intermediate’s music teacher says, “Music literacy is a must in our classroom! I teach budding performers, composers and conductors daily! In our intermediate school setting (which includes grades 4-6), all of the students gain a working understanding of note and rhythm reading. [This is] in alignment with state standards before they move on to middle school. We incorporate music reading and writing into our classroom practice daily.”

Mrs. Miller’s philosophy on music education is a clear reflection of her accomplishments at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She holds two bachelor’s degrees – one in education and one in performance. She is a two-edged sword!

Mrs. Stearns-Miller is currently in her 6th year at Waccamaw Intermediate School where she teachers 4th and 5th grade general music, choir, drama and steel drum band. She is also currently in her 11th season with the Long Bay Symphony, based in Myrtle Beach, where she serves as principal clarinet.

“I chose the teaching profession because it gave me the opportunity to give back to children in the same way my instructors gave to me,” she adds.  “The opportunity to introduce a child to the world of music and help them discover musical talents is my motivation for classroom instruction every day!”

The Sing at 1st Sight method is a step-by-step approach usable from grades 4-12. It teaches students the basics of choral singing and gives real-life tools they can use as they pursue musical studies.

Click here to read about this method.

“My 5th & 6th grade students are a highly-diverse, motivated group of learners!” she explains.  “This resource will help them to reach their full potential as musicians. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child perform their own composition for the class or seeing a child understand everything that is written in a piece of music. Music literacy helps my students have ownership of the world of sound in which they live.”

As this project aligns with our mission of funding music education projects in schools around the country, Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation has successfully funded their application to purchase these method books for her classroom!

Every week, KTBA makes a donation to a school in need of music supplies, sheet music, instruments and more!

To help us fund next week’s project, click here to give the gift of music!

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