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David Bowie and Lou Reed Video of The Week

David Bowie and Lou Reed Video of The Week

David Bowie and Lou Reed, when it comes these two. The talent doesn’t come much purer than Bowie and Reed. So, when they join forces in 1997 to take on The Velvet Underground’s ‘I’m Waiting for The Man”. It’s a moment for the history books. Bowie and Reed share a long and fruitful relationship that sees them go through thick and thin together. And with this performance, the pair displays the innate chemistry they share with each other performing live.

Bowie first discovers his love of The Velvet Underground when he and the band were both relative unknowns in 1967. And, predictably, it’s love at first sight. In the winter of 1966, Bowie’s manager Ken Pitt took artist and agitator Andy Warhol to lunch. Pitt is in town on a junket and is keen to speak with Warhol about the Velvet Underground.

Following Reed’s departure from The Velvet Underground, his career is at a standstill with his next move unclear. Enlisting the help of Bowie and the rest is history. Bowie had just become a sensation after his evolution into Ziggy Stardust captivates the world. Even more, he wants to use his rub to help other talents he admired.

The Starman takes Reed under his wing in London and produces the seminal “Transformer” LP which remains one of the greatest albums of all time, one that finally gave the former Velvet Underground the solo attention that he truly deserved.

Bowie Celebrates 50

When Bowie became a paid up citizen of Reed’s native New York City and celebrates his 50th birthday with an epic show at Madison Square Garden, it was a no brainer to get his old friend involved in proceedings. The special gig saw Bowie bring out an array of A-list names which also included Dave Grohl, The Cure’s Robert Smith and Frank Black but Reed and Bowie’s mini-concert close to the end of the show is the definition of perfection.

The world is a darker place without these two icons of music but this footage of these two giants coming together for this historical performance of ‘I’m Waiting For The Man‘ is something we will have forever.

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