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Danny Gatton – Roger Miller

Danny Gatton – Roger Miller Highlights

Danny Gatton – Roger Miller. Seems kind of odd and yet interesting at the same time! So, for this week’s highlights, we have two great musicians trying to outdo each other without even realizing they are. Even more, this amazing performance takes place at Austin City Limits on January 24, 1983. While it may to some seem like an odd pairing, it’s not really that crazy because Gatton was part of Roger Miller’s band for several years. Plus, it’s always a great day when you can check out Danny Gatton in top form playing his ’53 Telecaster.

This is a clip of “Orange Blossom Special” and another song that Roger did. Even while Roger sang his songs, you can hear Danny in the background. Playing some simply “amazing” country-style rhythm guitar licks without getting in the way of Rogers’ singing. Danny lets it all out when he does “Orange Blossom Special”, which is a showstopper for Danny.

As far as the electric guitar is concerned as I don’t believe anyone else ever attained such undeniable mastery of the fretboard and knowledge of American roots, jazz blues and popular music. At the same time, what an absolute treat for me to see him play with the great Roger Miller whose natural swing and lyrical genius made me a fan over 50 years ago. These two greats have left us now: Roger in 1992 and Danny 2 years later, a fact that makes this recording all the more valuable.

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