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Dana Fuchs – Is looking forward to chapter two…By Michelle S. (Photo by Merri Cyr)

I first came across Dana Fuchs around 2003 when her album Lonely For A Lifetime came out.  And when I listened to it, I became a fan! Her raspy voice singing sad songs of love and loss ran familiarly in the same vein as Janis Joplin.  Which is ironic because it was when she was doing the Off-Broadway musical Love Janis that I actually saw her perform live and I have to say, it’s the way you have to see this woman perform! She has an amazing voice but what sets her apart is her stage presence and the powerhouse energy she has when performing.  She can captivate an audience and keep them on the edge of their seats! 

Now mind you, she can also belt out a lot of covers and make them her own, but it’s her songwriting skills that makes you want to explore her music even more!  Some people might recognize her from the “Across The Universe” movie where she played the wild child character of Sadie which I feel helped her career, but where she really got schooled and became the singer songwriter she is was when she got the hell out of Florida and made her way to New York City!  Best thing she could have done! Her vocal stylings to me, are very reminiscent to the blues singer Candye Kane because they both have the “over the top” vocals that just makes a person yell “Hell yeah!” We hear you!

She finally feels comfortable in her own skin and is now blazing her own trail with the album “Love Lives On” which was released in 2018 and I have to say it doesn’t disappoint.  The musical avenue she takes on this album is blues singed soul with the underlying message of endurance, faith, and hope. Fuchs covers two tracks, previously done by two of her idols, Redding’s “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” and a stripped-down take of Cash’s “Ring of Fire” which totally kicks ass! I suggest you take a listen to this album because the originals are even better! This album was recorded in Memphis, need I say more? Nope!